Connecting people through shared interests

QuizUp is already the biggest trivia game in the world. We’re now recruiting world class talent to connect people across the globe based on their interests.

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Working at QuizUp

Our benefits are great and our compensation is competitive. But the best things about our workplace are things we all work hard to achieve: good tools, communication, clear responsibilities and shipping an amazing product.

  • The Right Tools

    Bad tools are demotivating. Fortunately we’ve gone through the pains of setting up a pretty impressive communication and development toolbox, even creating some of our own. Thanks to Slack, Asana and our internal trivia editor, everyday work is just that much more pleasant.

  • International

    We have recruited across the globe, not just engineering talent but trivia editors for different geographies. We communicate internally in English (daily standups, emails, Slack chat etc.). If you have the talent we assist in every facet of relocating.

  • Hardware and Ergonomics

    Hardware is too cheap to have it slow us down. We equip our staff with the best tools available. Everyone gets an ergonomic chair and a motorised standing desk. We develop a cross platform product, so you’ll get to pick your own device and workstation.

  • Unblocking Creativity

    We hire great people and go to great lengths to keep our talent. People remain happy when they bring new things to the world. We recognise that management can often block creativity, so the one function of our management is to unblock it. From that flows everything else; happiness, agile development practises and inspiring work relations.

  • Great Food

    Coffee from Reykjavík Roasters, home made juices, sourdough breads from Sandholt and vegetarian lunch options. Chef Ausi’s lunch menu caters to every need. Our monthly family dinners have been a blast, with kids running around and everyone getting to know each other just a little better.

  • Healthy Lifestyle

    Part of maintaining a good focus is building your mental and physical foundations. To that end we provide discounted gym memberships, on premise massages, flexible work hours and more. For the gym rats there is the ride-sharing #fitspo channel on Slack.

Our Workspace

Laugavegur 77 — the best view in downtown Reykjavík

Staff Picks

We interviewed three of our own and asked them what kind of workplace QuizUp is.

  • Jói. CTO

    We encourage people to read more academic papers, to push people to try new things and learn about the latest technologies.

  • Naiara. Local Champ

    I was really impressed at how everybody was really energetic and so committed to the project. So, I think that’s what I like the most – because everybody really loves working here and you want to be a part of that.

  • Vala. Editor-in-chief

    Our stated objective is to create the best and most enjoyable workplace in Iceland, and even worldwide. And I think that we’re managing that almost perfectly.

Open positions

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